By: Jim Mein AM On: September 03, 2019 In: Your stories Comments: 0

I went on FP8 in 1960, the day after I finished my Leaving Certificate exams. It rained almost every day of the 26 days course and the only dry clothes at the end were the ones we wore when we arrived at Fisherman’s Wharf. The leadership was inspiring. The activities were character building, consistent with theme of “character building through adventure”. As a 17 years old, it shaped my life more than any other activity with Warwick Deacock’s written report saying I could do anything i sought to do. My parents were unhappy with that conclusion and pushed me to question his opinion. I struggled doing that because I understood his assessment. It shaped my approach to the future. This is best summarised in my motto for life of spending 95% of my life thinking of the present and the future as I cannot change the past-only learn from it .

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