By: Peter McCarthy On: October 10, 2016 In: Your stories Comments: 0

I was on ACT1, the first adult course at Tharwa in January 1974. My uncle, the late Lyle McCarthy, had been on the first Australian course in 1956 and featured in a colour spread in Pix or a similar magazine which I have somewhere.

In 1974 we suffered from heavy rain and a course that had not been tested, making it more arduous than intended. A number of participants were hospitalised with foot sores for a short period. I was lucky to have tough feet and enjoyed the course, though I was critical of some safety aspects, as I was a trainee engineer and had been thoroughly indoctrinated in industrial health and safety. The course ran for four weeks as I recall. I have never been in contact with any of the participants again, and have retired from a successful career in engineering and company directorship. The Outward Bound course was certainly a valuable part of my early education and experiences.

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