By: Joe Farrugia On: October 10, 2016 In: Your stories Comments: 0

I attended the four week Fisherman’s Point Course at age 20 in November/December 1973, being sponsored by my Employer.
The adventure started with my needing to travel from Melbourne to Sydney on my own (as I had never left Victoria).
The trip on Southern Aurora (train) was a great experience in itself!
The reason for the sponsorship was to develop me personally in a challenging environment. I can say with true sincerity that my experience at Outward
Bound was key in my becoming a successful business person, as it instilled a confidence in my own ability that I never had before.
The blisters, aches and pains were all worth it!
When I reflect back on my life (I am now 63), one of my fondest memories is the time I had at Outward Bound, Fisherman’s Point in 1973.


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